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What Can You Do If You Missed Assignment Deadline?


Staying on track and submitting assignments on time is a really challenging thing for students. It becomes especially hard when they have extra commitments other than studying, like a part-time job. Professors and teachers all over the world set deadlines for students to submit assignments. It is mandatory for students to submit them on time. But what if you have missed your assignment deadline? What to do in such a scenario?

If you are worried that it will impact your final grade, then you are wrong. There are many things that you can do if you have accidentally missed the assignment deadline. In today’s article, we will discuss all those things. So, let’s get started with the topic.

Things To Do When You Have Missed The Assignment Deadline

Missing the deadline of the assignment is a common thing that students face in their academic journeys. But some students do not follow the protocols after missing the deadline and hence suffer greatly in the form of bad grades. However, there are some things that you must do after the deadline for your assignment has passed. Do you know what those things are? No! Thus, a brief description of all those things is as follows:

Let Your Professor Know

Many students do not tell the professor when they have missed the assignment deadline. This is a very wrong strategy. Not telling your professor can be the greatest mistake. Therefore, soon after you realise that you have missed the deadline, let your professor know. If possible, meet with your professor in person during his office hours. Go to him and try to convince him that you could not submit the assignment due to the following reasons. If you cannot meet him in person, send him an email.

Explain The Situation And Accept Responsibility

The second thing you need to do in this regard is to explain the situation to your professor. Explain to him in detail why you could not submit the assignment on time. Also, take responsibility that it is your fault that you missed the assignment deadline, which was too much to complete the assignment. The professors like students who own their mistakes and ask for an extension by accepting their mistakes. Thus, explain the whole situation in detail.

Commit To Doing Better Next Time

You must not expect more than one chance from your teacher. The reason is that it is not a high school where you can ask for more and more extensions. So, in your words, you should commit to your teacher that you will do better next time and that you will not miss any assignment deadline in the future. To do this, also make sure that you stay organised always. Keep track of all your assignment deadlines and work on them accordingly. It is necessary because you will not be getting an extension again and again.

Request An Extension

The 4th you can do in this regard is to request an extension in the assignment deadline from your professor. Give him solid reasons why you could not submit the assignment on time. After listening to you, he may give you another deadline. However, remember that this deadline will not be long. Instead, it will be of just two to three days. Well, whatever the case is, you should request an extension and make sure that you get it.

Submit The Assignment Anyway

Even if you have missed the assignment deadline, you have to submit the assignment. There is no point in running from submitting it. The more you delay it, the chances of being it not accepted get increased. So, whatever the new deadline you have got from your professor, make sure to complete the assignment in that time frame. Do not delay it now, as delaying it after getting the extension can make things worse for you. Submitting it a few hours before the extended deadline can also make the teacher understand your situation.

Seek Help From Outside

The last thing you can do when you have missed the assignment deadline is to seek help from outside. What does it mean? It means that you should ask someone else to work on your assignment if you are too busy to work on it. You can take such help from your friends or family members. However, if you do not find a person who can of this calibre, then buy assignment online from assignment writing services. This way, you can get your assignment done by a subject specialist writer.


Missing an assignment deadline is definitely a problem for a student. It can harm your final grades if you do not take proper action. Write an email to your teacher first and ask for an extension. Once granted, make sure to submit the assignment on that promised deadline. Seek help from outside if needed.

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