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Steps to Be Focused On While Dissertation Planning


Dissertation writing is an important and last part of your higher studies. You will receive your dissertation writing assignment during the last semester of your degree. It would be best if you wrote a well-planned and well-structured dissertation without making any mistakes. Almost all students know that writing a dissertation involves a lot of time, effort, and dedication. It requires more responsibility to complete such a challenging project without making errors. Because your level of responsibility will determine how well you complete your degree and how successful you are in your future profession.

Dissertation planning is the key to writing your dissertation successfully. It is a well-executed plan to complete your dissertation. It involves selecting a topic for your dissertation, conducting proper research to collect information and data about the topic, and making an outline.

The most common mistake students do is that they start writing their disserting without doing any dissertation planning. Which results in that, they start struggling while the completion of their dissertations. To avoid this problem, you must make a plan before start writing your dissertation.

This article will discuss some points you must ensure during the dissertation planning.

Steps you need to focus on during dissertation planning

Carefully select the topic for your research

The first thing that should come in your dissertation planning is selecting the topic for your research. You must ensure the following points during the selection of your topic that is given below:

  • The topic you want to select must have wider applications in your field of study.
  • You must select a topic from your area of interest to feel amazing and not lose interest during research.
  • Your selected topic should not be too broad in ideas and concepts. Because if you select a topic that is too broad, you may find it difficult to add all the concepts and background information to the dissertation. If you are a student of undergraduate and master, you have a limited time for your dissertation. You need more time to collect information and data to cover the broad topic. So it might not be possible for you due to the time limit.
  • Also, the topic you want to select must not be too narrow. Because if you select a topic that is too narrow in its applications and information, you may struggle to extend your dissertation to the proper length.
  • Make sure that whatever topic you select, you should easily find the information and data from different sources. Try to select a topic on which your seniors have already done their research.

Identify your requirement

The important step you need to make sure of during your dissertation planning is you should ensure that what are your requirements for writing a dissertation. Like,

  • What is your area of interest?
  • What are the topics that are related to your degree?
  • What is the time limit for the submission of your dissertation?
  • What length does your instructor require of your dissertation?
  • What are your financial sources?
  • What type of research do you want to conduct to collect the information and data about the topic?

It would be best if you consider these requirements before selecting the topic for your dissertation. However, if you find it difficult to select the best topic according to these requirements, hire dissertation writing services. They will assist you in selecting a topic that fits perfectly to your requirements.

Conduct research

After selecting the topic for your dissertation, the next step of your dissertation planning is conducting research. You must conduct appropriate research to collect the information and data for your topic. You should use different sources to find the literature on your topic. These sources may include books, scholarly publications, journals, articles, research papers, and government documents. If previous students have already done their dissertations on your selected topic, you can also get help from those dissertations.

Make an outline

Your last step of dissertation planning is to create an outline before start writing your dissertation. The common outline for any dissertation is as follows:

  • Title page– it includes the statement of your research, your name followed by your instructor and institution name, and the date of submission.
  • Abstract– it shows the importance of your research.
  • Introduction– it describes what you are going to present in your dissertation.
  • Main body paragraph– it includes your complete discussion of the research problems.
  • Methodology– it demonstrates your research method.
  • Results– it contains your research findings.
  • Conclusion– it concludes your whole information, findings, and research problems.
  • References– it contains the list of references of your sources.


The dissertation needs to be written perfectly to get good grades in your degree. For this sake, you must do some dissertation planning before start writing your dissertation. It will help you to complete your research without any difficulty.

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