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Bhrigu Lake is a glacial lake at a high elevation of 4270 meters above sea level. The Bhrigu lake trek begins in Manali. It is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most captivating short-distance treks. Bhrigu Lake trek allows you to see high-altitude alpine lakes, verdant meadows, and other natural wonders.


The Bhrigu lake trek is a four-day hike in Himachal Pradesh. This lovely lake changes color with the seasons. In late summer, the color of this lake in Himachal is emerald green, but it turns blue in the summer, adding to its beauty.

About Bhrigu Lake Trek

The Bhrigu Lake trek draws a large number of trekkers because the lake is rooted in mythology. This trek is located in Himachal Pradesh, about 20 kilometers north of Manali, and can be reached from Gulaba.

It is famous for being the location where the renowned saint Maharishi Bhrigu did deep meditation. However, the lake is not the only attraction of the trek. The grasslands are a must-see on the Bhrigu Lake trek.

In our country, entering an alpine meadow requires at least a day or two of hiking within the tree line. We’re talking about two or three days of climbing. This is because most alpine meadows begin at around 11,000 feet above the treeline.


However, within the initial 10 minutes of this trip, you are in the meadows! Imagine having beautiful pastures in your backyard. It makes sense why people are amazed by the scenery found in locations like Switzerland.

The meadows on the Bhrigu Lake trek are very expensive and seem to go on forever. A swarm of wild horses surrounds you. The grazing sheep glance at you as you come out of the trees, almost as if to say “hi.”

From these grassy knolls, you can see the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar mountains, which dominate the skyline.

You will be able to witness the grasslands at their lushest green from July through September. Wildflowers can be seen all over the place.

This is what distinguishes the trek. It’s an uncommon opportunity to have access to such alpine meadows the entire way during a hike.


Now let’s have a look at the 4-day itinerary of Bhrigu Lake Trek.

Day 1: Reach Manali’s base camp

Day 2: Travel to Kulang from Manali and take a three-hour hike to the base camp at Mori Tach.

Day 3: a five-hour journey from Mori Tach to Bhrigu Lake and return

Day 4: Returnn to Manali by hiking to Kulang.


Day 1: Reach Manali’s base camp

Your journey begins with your arrival at Manali’s base camp.

Depending on the package that you have selected, check-in at the campgrounds or motels. After that, go exploring and sightseeing on your own in the lovely town of Manali. Enjoy the session that has been arranged for you in the evening, during which the trek leader will go over safety precautions and bag packing. Enjoy your great dinner and rest early because the trek begins the next day!


Day 2: Travel to Kulang from Manali and take a three-hour hike to the base camp at Mori Tach.

To witness the magnificent sunrise, get up early. After a delicious breakfast, set out for Kulang, which is 45 minutes away by car. You will then hike to your base camp, which is located at Mori Thach. The trail to Mori Thach is around 4–5 kilometers long and continues a moderate ascent, growing steeper in some places. After lunch, wander through the neighborhood and the picturesque campsite.

Enjoy a great time telling/ listening to stories and eating dinner by a warm campfire in the evening. Before retiring for the evening to your tents, take pleasure in the delicious food that has been prepared for you. 


Day 3: a five-hour journey from Mori Tach to Bhrigu Lake and return

Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast and the magnificent Himalayan dawn as you begin your day. You will trek b to Bhrigu Lake today!

Get ready to leave by gathering your lunch box, which you will enjoy by the lake. Your adventure begins with a gentle ascent and passes through grasslands and little pockets of forest. The spectacular views of the distant, snow-capped Himalayas never leave us during this time.

Enjoy the breathtaking sight of the lake as you approach it, tucked neatly between two high Himalayan mountains!

The lake undergoes seasonal and weather-related hue variations all through the year. It changes colors from emerald green to deep royal blue to clear as the sky to green again!

After taking in the view and your meal, begin the descent to the Mori Thach campground. Once you’ve arrived at the campsite, take some time to unwind and recharge.

Enjoy the breathtaking sights of the Himalayan sunset in the evening. After your delicious meal, you can retire indoors for the evening.


Day 4: Return to Manali by hiking to Kulang.

Get up early and begin the trip from Mori Thach to Kulang after a delicious breakfast.

The entire hike maintains a moderate fall in elevation, and it takes 3–4 hours to complete. Your Bhrigu lake trek trip comes to an end after you arrive in Kulang, at which point you begin your journey back to Manali.


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